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PixelPipe Test

Nov. 28th, 2010 | 11:50 am

Testing updating my facebook with this software, PixelPipe.

PixelPipe Upload.

Me and Firuz from last job together.

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Mar. 3rd, 2010 | 01:20 am

It's really strange.

Sometimes, I look to the past, or I look at the lives of the people from my past, and I kinda want to and wish to be involved in it again. However, in order to do so, I have to sacrifice part of my present. And I can't afford to do so. The grass is always greener on the other side. Here I am, perfectly happy where I am, however looking at the enjoyable times I had in my past, wanting to somehow blend my happy present with the moments in which I was happy in the past.

I wonder if I could really do it. There were some great friends I had in the past, but I have drifted so far away, that trying to be 'great friends' with them again, just seems so awkward and forced. Is there really a way to re-conciliate the two together? The two meaning the past and present.

I had a certain clique of friends in the past. And I have a great bunch of friends in the present, which is a different clique. No matter how I try to fit them in together, they don't match. It's just weird.

And the same goes for activities and hobbies. Boy did I love Lindy Hop a few years back. I was so into it. And I love jazz and swing music that goes with it. Week after week, I looked forward to every session and every opportunity I had dancing. Now it's all changed. New career, different level of stress (I am extremely happy with my current job) and suddenly, it seemed that Lindy Hop did not hold such an important position in my life anymore. I danced because I was stressed, and it was something that made me happy. Now that I am not stressed, I do not seem to enjoy dancing Lindy Hop anymore. I am still interested to see what everybody I knew from Lindy Hop is doing, and some times wish to go join them again, however. I don't know. Is it laziness? Is it awkwardness? I guess dancing wasn't really my passion? I don't know.

The joys of my past. That's what it remains to be.

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Truly Goodbye...

Dec. 16th, 2009 | 12:55 am

So this is it then. The definite goodbye to a long time ago friend. Amazing. Simply Amazing.

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Liar liar

Oct. 8th, 2009 | 10:39 am

I don't know why. It's 10:40am now, but I kinda pretended to my mum that I just woke up despite being awake since 5am. Strange. Really weird and strange. Hmmm.

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I thought she understood

Sep. 26th, 2009 | 08:08 pm

"Apr. 23rd, 2006 at 8:46 PM"

I thought she apologized. And I thought she understood.

Did she?

Or am I being over-sensitive, wrongly misunderstanding the feeling that I did something very wrong and cruel

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As if I would know what's your Nationality

Sep. 26th, 2009 | 07:33 pm

There was this guy. Caucasian, kinda looked like some kind of mixed.

So, my friend was pointing out to me some Korean Characters, and he asked me if I could read them. He thought it was Chinese. I said no. These are Korean Characters. Chinese Characters are different. The Caucasian guy comments out to us, if you see circles, those are probably Korean words.

I took a look at the Korean characters. Yeah, they had circles. Cool. The Caucasian guy then asked me, hey, are you Korean?

I replied, no. I'm Singaporean. A Singaporean Chinese. What about you? I asked him.

He started saying some words that sounded Korean. Sounded like very good Korean to me, but how would I know? I just watched some Korean movies and dramas before, hearing the Korean language but reading the English subtitles.

And then, here it is. The bit which pissed me off. It's coming.

I said, Wow! You are Korean? He said yeah! And guess what he did?

He pulled the side of his eyes to make them into slits. And he said do I look Korean?.

My Mexican friends laughed at this together with him. I replied I wouldn't know, there are quite a lot of Mexican looking people in the states saying that they are American citizens.

Who knows who's who now a days.

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The Grass is Greener

Sep. 25th, 2009 | 07:48 pm

So right now I am on board a semi-submersible rig, which is currently situated off the islands of Trinidad & Tobago. Which part of T&T I am at, I don't really know. We are just in Anchorage somewhere. And it's really strange how sometimes, the grass is always greener on the other side.

The first two weeks were what some would call complete bliss. Being paid loads of $$$ to do absolutely nothing. Yup, that's what happened. The ROV crew went on board the rig, and waited for the ROV system which was expected to arrive in the next 3 to 5 days. The system was here in Trinidad they said. Well that wait turned to 2 weeks. Thank god I had my newly purchased mini PRO-LINK Wireless-N router, the WNR1004C (or without the 'C' if you are getting the set without the Wifi-N USB adaptor). Once I found out where the ONLY public internet service was available (one miserable PC in the miserable TV room), I dutifully hooked up my wireless router and created a wireless internet cafe in the TV room. So the whole crew could spend their days sitting around with their laptops (or freaking Macs), and surf the internet. Else everybody will all be waiting to take their turns in using the internet. And believe me, it was an ugly sight seeing a queue of practically 90% of the rig's crew. Or probably 45% considering that half of them are working on shift, and the other half gets off shift, racing to use the internet.

So it was two weeks of continuous freezing in the TV room (surfing the internet), eating, sleeping, showering in rusty colored water and staring off into the horizon. No shore leave for us, so there we were, waiting for our alusive ROV system which was supposed to already be in T&T waiting to be sent over to us. Despite the huge about of $$$ we are getting, it was freaking tiring. The first 3 days it was okay, but after that, the monotonous routine was cranking up our nerves. We were all like coiled springs, getting ready to pounce on the ROV system should it arrive.

The day finally came when it did arrived. After being "placed on the bench" for 2 weeks, we were a hungry pack of wolves, ripping into hooking up the ROV system when it arrived. A little too hungry I think. Within 4 days, we hooked everything up, tested everything, fixed whatever we could fix. And those days weren't pleasant. I remembered that for a moment, I actually wished that we could go back to the old days of 'not doing anything'. My hands are still hurting now, for a whole week now, from all that cable pulling, boxes lifting and opening, bolts and nuts loosening and tightening. I was stressed from the number of non-working equipment or unforeseen circumstances. Nobody likes their system to not work. Nobody likes going on shift to see that their ROV system is still not fully working, and things are opened up. However as the time went by, we dutifully repaired and troubleshooted, organized and cleaned up. Everything that can be done has been done. The system is working beautifully now.

And now, we are waiting again. For what? For the welders to come on board to weld our system down onto the deck so that we can do the load test, and do the test launch. Actually, we are waiting for the engineer to produce the suitable deck plan for the welders to weld the system down. We need them to ensure that the deck can take the weight of the system.

So time slows down again now. This is the best time of working on ROVs for me. No rush to get the system up and working. I have all the time in the world (well almost all the time) to slowly tidy up cables, make my control console neat and tidy, arrange the stores so that things are in order.

Until the next major step comes along, either the welders starting to weld or our bloody generator coming on board, I think I can be really happy now.

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Blast through the Past

Sep. 13th, 2009 | 08:08 pm

I have just read through all my Livejournal entries. It was amazing. Remembering all the hopes, the dreams, old friends, frustrations, unhappiness, happiness, people who you thought you would love forever, things that you did which you thought you would still be doing now. And my gadget articles. I was proud to have done all of that. The old life I had in Taiwan. The old life I had in Seletar camp even. Back to the days of even before Chin Huei, my ex-gf.

Oh man. What a blast. Back then, never would I have ever thought that I would be here right now.

How different am I from before?

Well, deep down inside it's the same old geeky gadget loving Kevin Yap. Especially with my current career, I now have the time and re$ource$ to pursue the joy of gadgets and toys. I have many new close friends now. Incredibly down-to-earth, cool people that never existed during the old days and would never have if I didn't step out of the forces.

I'm in an industry where I get paid extremely well for a work that I love so much. I am playing with a gigantic gadget as work. Sure there is the dangers of working in an offshore environment, and I deal with 3000 voltage electrics, 3000PSI of pressure hydraulics. That's why you get paid more. I miss weddings, disappear from the world all the time, but it made me closer with some friends, cause when I come back, I really am able to get the opportunity to take a really really good break and meet up with them easily. And I am earning what I never ever thought I could ever be touching, even in the peak of a career in the armed forces.

I travel to so many places in the world for my work. Right now I am on a rig just off Trinidad & Tobago. The rig will be towed to Venezuela for work and that's where I will be coming off.

I am contented with work. And I really have to thank my Dad for showing me this world, despite trying to get me in since I was studying for my electronics diploma. I am making use of my knowledge gained from my polytechnic years. Freaking incredible. Everything make sense. My appreciation for the value of knowledge is at the top right now. And I am really truly glad to have had my electronics diploma education.

I think I can honestly say, that I no longer believe in the religion of Christianity. I still believe in the existence of God, but to me, the books are tools corrupted by men to pursue their own goals, or to live in their own fantasy. It's strange what money can make you do and feel. I guess I am more materialistic now. Maybe they will say that I have fallen. I feel that I have evolved.

I am now extremely easily peeved by idiots and asses. I am still trying to change this part of getting pissed at others so easily, but seriously, after having being taken advantage of and being taken for granted by so many people, I kinda don't really care anymore. I have stopped giving as much as I did before. Where was this guy whose heart bleeds for the world she asked. Yup, he's gone truly. My heart bleeds for the few. I am selective of my good friends now. And then it's the same Kevin Yap who loves going the occasional extra mile for them.

Things are getting better. My life is still beginning.

So goodbye my past self, the old Kevin. The memories are there to stay and cherish, though nothing can change. Cheers.

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Need to Get Some Life...

Mar. 6th, 2008 | 07:32 am

Was offshore in India... Came back on 28 January... Celebrated Chinese New Year... Back in India on 13 Feb... Now in India mobilising our System... It's not a bad salary... You get paid a lot of money to wait for other people's f**k-ups (which is common in the port of Kakinada) to be cleared... We can't do anything... Just wait... do a bit... wait... do a bit... Standby to Standby...

HOWEVER... the issue here is... I went to the blogs of some of my old friends... Some update theirs just a little here and there... Some updates it fervently... And I realize... I don't have a freaking life now... I just go offshore... Meet the same guys on my shift 7 days a week... When I come back... I will probably stay at home most of the time... Webcam with Mongolian girlfriend... watch all the animes/movies which I had missed while I was out of the country... Probably go to Funan/SimLim for the latest gadgets... And then... before I know it... it will be time to go offshore again... I am not living my life?

Then again... I never had a life anyway... What my dear blogging friends like doing in life... is not something I enjoy anyway... Maybe it is better for me to remain not having a life...

Planning to go to Mongolia at the end of this trip... Estimated end of this project is in Mid April... will probably try to stay in Mongolia for 3 weeks or so...

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1058m deep...

Dec. 23rd, 2007 | 06:35 am

1.058km... not very far considering that we run 2.4km all the time in Army... but 1.058km deep in the Indian Ocean? Imagine that kind of pressure the amount of water above you is producing...

That's why ROVs are the future...

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